Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

Church: 10800 Moorpark St., North Hollywood, CA 91602
Rectory: 10828 Moorpark St., North Hollywood, CA 91602
Parish Center: 10834 Moorpark St., North Hollywood, CA 91602
Phone: (818) 766-3838 • Fax: (818) 766-5711
Pastor: Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Gallagher
Secretary Gretchen Schreck
Phone: (818) 766-3838 ext. 301
Carissa Chuidian
Phone: (818) 766-3838 ext. 302
School: St. Charles Borromeo School
10850 Moorpark St, North Hollywood, CA 91602
Principal: Mr. John E. Genova
Secretary: Mrs. Brenda Ianniciello
Phone: (818) 508-5359
Christian Service Center: Hours: Tues., Wed., Thurs., Sat.: 9:00 -11:45 am
Director: Deacon Louis Roche, Jr.
Phone: (818) 985-7365
School of Religion
Office Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.: 9:30 am-3 pm
DRE: Mrs. Jeannie Essa
Elementary Coordinator: Ms. Susan Jakel
Pre-School Coordinator: Ms. Diane Skwarek
Secretary: Mrs. Dawn Duncan
Phone: (818) 980-1826
Music Director: Mr. James Drollinger
Phone: (818) 766-3838 ext. 315
Wedding Coordinator: Mrs. Gretchen Schreck
Phone: (818) 761-6268 • Email:


Annulment Assistance Phone: (818) 766-3838
Mrs. Helen Gulliver
Mrs. Rita Haeusler
Baptism Parish Members Only
(By appointment), Sundays, 2:00 pm
Baptismal Catechesis Available for St. Charles parishioners.
Baptism preparation classes for parents
and godparents - please contact the Parish Center Office.
Phone: (818) 766-3838
Bereavement Ministry Mrs. Clare Darden
Phone: (818) 761-1977
Confirmation/Youth Ministry Ms. Karla Ibarra
Phone: (818) 766-3838 ext. 309
Eucharistic Ministers Mrs. Lisa Castleton
Phone: (818) 766-3838
Funeral Coordinator Mrs. Daisy Mejia
Phone: (818) 766-3838
Lectors Ms. Terry Ruiz
Phone: (818) 768-6740
Marriage Parish Members Only
Contact the Priest at the Parish Center Office
at least six months prior
to the proposed date. (One year is suggested.)
Phone: (818) 766-3838
Marriage FOCCUS Dr. Liz Carr
Phone: (310) 717-2838
Ministers of Hospitality
Mr. Mark VanCleve
Phone: (818) 472-7103
Pastoral Ministry to the
Sick and Homebound
Mrs. Mary Genova
Phone: (818) 954-8955
Senior Citizen Ministry Sr. Yvette Perrault, RSM
Phone: (818) 766-3838 ext 307
Rite of Christian Initiation
 for Adults (RCIA)
Mr. John Genova
Phone: (818) 766-3838 ext. 309

10800 Moorpark St. (Lankershim Blvd. at Moorpark St.)
North Hollywood, CA 91602-2206
(818) 766-3838 Fax: (818) 766-5711
Msgr. Robert J. Gallagher, Pastor